Money Tap Customer Care Number

Money Tap is the India’s first online instant mobile app base money lender, which offers loans hassle free, no paper work, with out surety, without collateral. Offers up to 5 lakh and as little as Rs.3000 instantly. Money tap customer care numbers, e-mail support and other customer queries are discussed below.

Customer care E-mail :

The company is not provided the contact number to customers, the only way to raise the complaint mode is via e-mail ( ).

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Frequently Asked Questions :

How do I change my mailing address, E-mail, mobile number in my Money Tap Account?

Please contact customer care via e-mail :

Whom should and ho to contact other queries?

For all type of queries please contact via e-mail :

What happens if I don’t pay the payment on due date?

  1. Partner bank intimate the issue to the credit bureaus like CIBIL and your credit score negatively impacted for this activity and you will be effected at your future loans like home loan, vehicale loan and others.
  2. You will be penalized for late payment for 15% of the amount due (Min Rs. 350 and Max.Rs.1000)

Customer care contact Number :

Money Tap has no voice customer care. So no numbers are available to talk to company people. only contact is via e;mail :